Google upgrades ad serving platform with DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP)

Key points

  • Google announces upgraded ad serving platform, DoubleClick for Publishers
  • Part of a full suite of products to help publishers maximize online
    advertising revenues
  • New DoubleClick logo unveiled

Today, as part of its efforts to help online publishers maximize advertising
revenues from their website content, Google announced its upgraded ad serving
platform for publishers – DoubleClick
for Publishers (DFP).

DFP is a single platform that upgrades and will replace Google’s existing ad
serving products: DoubleClick’s DART for Publishers and Google Ad Manager. The
upgraded DFP combines Google’s technology and infrastructure with DoubleClick’s
display advertising and ad serving experience.

For larger online publishers, managing, delivering and measuring the
performance of ads can be a hugely complicated process. Major online publishers
(including social networks, entertainment sites, portals and news sites) use ad
serving to manage the complex process of how and when the ads they have sold
appear on their websites.

Neal Mohan, Vice President of Product Management at Google, said: "Google
wants to help online publishers make the most money possible from their content.
The upgraded DFP is part of our suite of products that are designed to help
online publishers maximize their advertising revenues. Ad serving is the
machinery that powers the online advertising world, so improving that technology
can put a lot of money in publishers’ pockets. This upgraded platform is another
major milestone in our continuing investment in the display advertising

The upgraded DFP is part of Google’s suite of products – also including
AdSense and the DoubleClick Ad Exchange – to help online publishers maximize
their advertising revenues across all their ad space, whatever their size and
however they choose to sell their ad space.

It includes a wide variety of
key features that will help enable publishers to get the most value out of their
online content:

  • A new interface that has been completely redesigned to save time and reduce
  • Far more detailed reporting and forecasting data to help publishers
    understand where their revenue is coming from and what ads are most valuable.
  • Sophisticated algorithms that automatically improve ad performance and
  • A new, open, public
    API which enables publishers to build and integrate their own apps with DFP,
    or integrate apps created for DFP by a growing third-party developer community
    (apps under development today include sales, order management and workflow
  • Integration with the new DoubleClick Ad Exchange’s "dynamic allocation"
    feature, which maximizes revenue by enabling publishers to open up their ad
    space to bids from multiple ad networks.

DFP comes in two flavors, tailored for different publishers’ needs:

  • DFP – for larger online publishers, to which current DART for Publishers
    customers will be upgraded over the next year.
  • DFP Small Business – a simple, free version designed for growing online
    publishers, to which we will be upgrading Google Ad Manager customers.

To reflect Google’s continued investment in DoubleClick’s products and the
central role of DoubleClick’s technology products within Google’s display
advertising business, Google is also today unveiling some changes to the
DoubleClick logos – including typset changes, incorporating a new "by Google"
theme, and retiring the "DART" brand.


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