MSI to unveil its Finest Mainboards at CeBIT 2010

CeBIT 2010, a major tradeshow for the global computer industry, will be held in Hannover, Germany, from March 2 through March 6. Internationally renowned graphics card and mainboard manufacturer MSI will display a variety of new technologies and products at the show. In our mainboard product line, MSI will also exhibit a variety of new component applications and technologies, such as Hi-c CAP, OC Genie, and more. At the same time, MSI will display our tireless efforts in mainboard development while providing a comprehensive blueprint of the mainboard market and the predominant products for the first half of 2010.

Big Bang Product Series: Providing the Ultimate in Gaming Performance:
Specifically designed for gamers, the Big Bang product series has received high praise from consumers and was a big hit at CES. Currently, the series includes the Big Bang-Trinergy that supports 3-way SLI multi-GPU operation and the Big Bang-Fuzion, which features graphics card mixed operation technology to enhance 3D performance, and also places the same emphasis on quietness that gamers do by utilizing the Quantum Wave audio card. The integration of the latest audio technologies, THX TruStudio PC and Creative EAX ADVANCED HD 5.0, provide outstanding acoustic capabilities and hi-fidelity audio quality. And in order to satisfy the never-ending thirst of gamers for better performance and audio quality, MSI will also continue to expand the Big Bang’s gaming performance concept to other chipsets, such as the high-end X58 chipset.

Next-Gen Hi-c CAP: 8x the Lifespan of Average Solid State Capacitors:
Component lifespan and stability are also the key points for MSI mainboards. To provide consumers with a highly stable product, MSI not only uses solid state capacitors optimized for stability, but is also adopting the superior Hi-c CAP, the next generation capacitor. The Hi-c CAP not only offers low temperature and high transfer efficiency, but also has 8 times the lifespan longer than average solid state capacitors. Even at a high temperature of 85℃ in high loading environments, it can be used for over 16 years and features a unique self-repair mechanism. Considered an unbreakable next generation capacitor, it captures the essence of MSI’s commitment to quality

OC Genie: Leading an All-New Wave of Easy Overclocking:
In addition to strengthening the capacitors, MSI has also developed a series of overclocking technologies so consumers can easily upgrade performance. After the official release of the OC Genie – 1 Second Automatic Overclocking Technology at Computex last year, even more CPU overclocking has become automated. The current generation OC Genie has brand-new advancements; it not only automatically elevates CPU and memory performance, but on the H55 platform, it also simultaneously increases the iGPU bandwidth and performance. This results in an overall system performance increase of 45% that will surely lead in a new wave of easy overclocking.

To experience MSI mainboards’ special characteristics and exclusive technologies, please visit MSI at CeBIT in Hall 17|C38, and our specialists will provide more in-depth product presentations.


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