STMicroelectronics Unveils Ultra Low-Loss Rectifier Diodes

STMicroelectronics, a leading
supplier of power semiconductors, has introduced a new family of
high-efficiency power rectifiers that will help product manufacturers
achieve energy-efficiency approvals, such as 80 PLUS®. Saving energy has
become a major selling point for power-supply and computer
manufacturers. The 80 PLUS incentive program proposes to increase power
supply efficiency, which helps reduce global carbon emissions by
reducing wasted energy.

The new STPS50U100C is a rectifier diode and can be used in the
output of power supplies for adapters, desktop PCs, servers, TV and
video products, communication equipment, and many other electrical
appliances. It is the first member of a new family of ultra-low forward
voltage Schottky rectifier diodes from ST, which will provide a
range of diode properties to fulfill various applications. The forward
voltage drop is the main source of power losses in power Schottky diodes
used for secondary rectification, therefore minimizing this voltage
drop is a key innovation driver.

The new ULVF family uses enhanced technology providing a significant
increase of the overall efficiency. This new family will handle higher
power density providing a high safety margin to address a large scale of
high-output power supplies, and will be available in compact,
industry-standard packages. Package options will include TO-220 and
I2PAK, with other styles planned to be made available in the future.

Key features of the STPS50U100CT:

  • Typical forward-voltage drop (VF): 0.64V at 25A
    (0.38V 5A)
  • Maximum leakage current of 200 micro-A
  • Maximum
    average forward current: 50A
  • Repetitive peak reverse voltage:
  • Surge non-repetitive forward current: 250A
  • Maximum
    junction temperature: 150 degrees C
  • ECOPACK2-compliant packages
    meeting RoHS Regulations


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