Interactive e-books now on Ipad

The gold rush to have e-books ready for the iPad is well underway. New Zealand app developer Kiwa Media have announced the completion of their Content Universal Tool (CUT). The content migration system gives book publishers an easy route to produce content rich e-books that are fully interactive and optimized for the iPad.

"We have a tool that allows us to establish a media framework and manage the production, design and layout of e-book content for the iPad," says Luke Tomes, VP Technology, Kiwa Media. "When we receive the assets it only takes a few days to create an e-book that is fully interactive and ready for the iPad."

The Content Universal Tool allows producers to design and layout the fonts of an e-book using any style, color or outline that one would expect to find in a design programme. The text is fully touch-enabled with Kiwa Media’s Swipe-to-Read, Touch-to-Hear and Touch-to-Spell features.

Using CUT an e-book can be assembled on the iPad simulator before a final build is assembled. The CUT identifies any errors leaving the producer to make changes to the specific file without having to rebuild the entire application.

What is displayed on the screen is a reflection of the final output. The CUT’s high-resolution media framework creates a consistent user experience across multiple platforms from iPhone to iPad and soon Android and Window’s 7 Mobile.

"The Content Universal Tool removes the need for a developer to be involved in the production of a content rich e-book," says Tomes. "We can let our creative team design e-books for the iPad without ever reading a line of code."

The first catalogue of e-books to use CUT is QBook, Kiwa Media’s interactive touch-enabled digital books for children. These QBooks are available in multiple languages and include games and puzzles all designed and built using CUT. Penguin, Huia Publishing and Milly, Molly Holdings are among the first publishers to work with Kiwa Media in producing QBook titles using CUT.

"Publishers were looking for a solution for children’s books that was far more compelling than a black and white PDF,’ explains Roger Shakes, VP Business Development. "We’ve used CUT to deliver publishers an engaging children’s books with added games in multiple languages. We can now do the same for books in other genres for the iPad."

Kiwa Media have over 15 years experience in broadcast television production, dubbing and translation and audio production. They are well placed to incorporate these elements to enhance the production of interactive e-books on multiple platforms including the iPad.

The company is opening offices in the USA and UK to meet the demand and growing interest from publishers.


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