c-treeACE now provides better enhancement for Sql Query optimizer

FairCom introduced significant enhancements to the SQL query
optimizer with this release. Francesco Cortinovis, Managing Director of
FairCom Europe, says, "Customers performing complicated SQL queries
are likely to see an immediate impact with this release. By profiling
the optimizer and looking at specific queries that weren‘t performing
well, we were able to make changes that resulted in benefits to query
performance across the board."

Because cross-platform support is
a hallmark of c-treeACE, this latest release also includes support for
several new platforms and environments. This includes support for Mac
OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard), AIX 6, Windows 7, RAD Studio 2009, Sun Studio
12, and SQL support for QNX. For developers working in Visual Studio,
this release also includes complete Entity Framework integration.

of this release includes enhancements to FairCom’s suite of GUI tools.
Users now have the ability to view their data using Dr. Ctree, the ISAM
Explorer and SQL Explorer. Exporting file definitions has been expanded
and is available in all of these tools. SQL schemas, file definitions,
and complete header files for applications are now easily generated
with a click of the mouse. Cortinovis notes, "For customers migrating
from our ISAM technology to our SQL technology, this really simplifies
the steps involved."

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