License Plate Decoder application is now available today announced the official release of its unique License Plate Decoder app to the iTunes App Store. The iPhone app is available for $1.99. To download the application and for more information, go to License Plate Decoder on App Store.

The car numerology application is designed as a sophisticated and entertaining iPhone tool. It addresses app users who are interested in gaining a profound understanding of the secret meaning of license plates from a numerological perspective. Apart from that, the car numerology calculator is also compelling to all those who just want to have fun and compare the secret messages with friends, colleagues or neighbors.

The application features a cool look and feel, simple data entry and summary and in-depth insights about positive influences and potential downsides derived by the unique combination of letters and numbers on a license plate.

"License Plate Decoder makes the iPhone a great tool for everybody who has always wanted to know what their license plate number really means. Understanding the meaning helps you to determine how well the license plate and its numerological symbolism correspond with the personalities, needs, and desires of the affected car occupants," said Michael Weishaeupl, Founder of


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