Google Integrates Panoramio, Picasa Web Albums

Google announced the integration of Panoramio service directly within Picasaweb. Panoramio? This is a start-up acquired by the firm in Mountain View in 2007 hosting of geo-located photos. Once your account Panoramio activated, it will have photos, featuring a map marker, be placed in a public album to Picasa Web. The option ‘Upload to Panoramio "will be proposed.

What interest you ask? And although the pictures hosted on Panoramio will be directly integrated within the search engine of Google services and Google Maps and Google Earth. This new feature is reminiscent of the last options Bing presented last week at the summit TED 2010. Indeed, StreetSide Photos can just overlay the image of a user of Flickr Bing Maps.

After implementing Buzz in Google Maps on the Web giant seems to want to further develop its Community strategy on its mapping services.


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