Malware Protection Seal introduced by Dasient

Dasient Inc., the leading provider of anti-malware solutions for websites, today announced that it is introducing the Dasient SafeSite security seal for websites to communicate that they are continuously testing clear of any malware by the most reliable, precise, and real-time monitoring service available — Dasient WAM (Web Anti-Malware). The Dasient SafeSite seal is the world’s first recognized security seal specifcally for malware protection, and it will provide critical differentiation for web businesses that are committed to offering a safer user experience for their site visitors.

With the dramatic increase in malware-based web attacks, website owners and consumers are increasingly seeking ways to protect themselves. "Security is becoming a bigger and bigger concern on the web," said Dr. Neil Daswani, one of Dasient’s three co-founders. "Unfortunately, hackers are becoming more sophisticated and infecting more websites with malware which in turn infect consumers with viruses. Dasient SafeSite was conceived with the notion that websites that are being monitored against malware will provide a safer online experience for visitors."

Dasient customers using the monitoring component of Dasient’s WAM service will now be able to display the SafeSite seal and start receiving reports with statistics on how much of their traffic is protected by malware monitored pages. Additionally, Dasient SafeSite provides instant visual feedback to visitors, allowing them to see at a glance whether a website is malware monitored.

As attacks are constantly on the rise, legitimate websites face the problem of being infected with malware. A recent study by Dasient shows that every 1.3 seconds a new web page is infected with malware and that malware attacks have grown by 600% since 2008. Consumers are becoming more and more concerned about getting infected, and websites are increasingly losing revenue due to a lack of customer confidence. Research shows that 75% of consumers do not want to provide their credit card information online (Pew Research, 2008) and 93% of consumers are concerned about viruses being installed on their computer (RSA 2010).

"We’re excited to bring Dasient SafeSite as an added offering to more businesses on the web, to help them protect their sites from the serious threat of web-based malware and communicate that protection to their site visitors. The Dasient SafeSite Seal enables sites to increase customer visits, conversions and revenue," Dr. Daswani said.

Dasient SafeSite is being made available to all existing and future Dasient customers.


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