iOpus Reveals Swiss Army Knife for Google Chrome

As Google prepared to open its Chrome Extensions Gallery in early December, iOpus Software was working behind the scenes, creating a virtual Swiss Army Knife for the streamlined browser: iMacros for Chrome. Now absolutely anyone can use this powerful, free software to automate the most common tasks performed within the Chrome browser.

iMacros for Chrome is poised to become one of the top Chrome add-ons. For the past three years, iMacros has been wildly successful as a recommended add-on for the Firefox browser, with more than 4.7 million downloads and a growing gallery of scripts shared by end users.

iMacros for Chrome is similar to its iMacros Firefox predecessor, eliminating the repetitive, menial tasks involved in daily web browsing activities. iMacros fully automates common tasks such as posting feedback on eBay buyers, checking website visitor statistics, and downloading account information.

Google Chrome is a streamlined internet browser with a minimal design and sophisticated technology designed to make web browsing faster, easier, and safer. In November 2009, Google launched an extension site for developers, and the following month it made those extensions available to end users who seek browser add-ons like iMacros that add greater functionality to the browser.

With iMacros, Chrome users can create macros to automatically check the same sites every day, remember passwords, complete web forms, and upload or download files, among other tasks. As the company states in its tagline, "Whatever you do with Chrome, iMacros can automate it."

iMacros has been compared to a Swiss Army Knife with many uses. It fills out forms automatically and serves as a highly secure password manager with 256-bit AES encryption. For developer, iMacros is also an easy-to-use web regression test tool.

Individuals with little or no programming experience have used the visual macro program to create diverse applications for iMacros for Firefox, and iOpus anticipates similar applications being developed for Chrome. Some notable examples include stockbrokers who create macros to extract online stock quotes, shoppers who use macros to automatically compare prices at online stores, and website owners who use macros to get daily updates on their page rankings.

iMacros pioneers a feature known as social scripting, which allows users to share macros and scripts in a way that is similar to how they share bookmarks on the many social bookmarking websites. After creating a new macro, users can share it with just one click as a link, either by distributing the link via email and social bookmarking websites or by embedding it in a website or blog for public access.

iMacros automates all possible Chrome features through the new Chrome Extension API. Unlike most other add-ons, which are merely a front-end for a web service, iMacros works directly in the browser for greater functionality and speed.


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