Alex a linux based laptop unveiled

A new Linux based laptop called ‘Alex’ may be the right solution for people having trouble with their PCs.

simplified e-mail, web browsing, image editing and office software, the
new system apparently offers a nice change from the regular Windows and
Mac operating systems.

"Alex is not designed as a
super-computer," BBC News quoted Barney Morrison-Lyons, head of
technology at The Broadband Computer Company which is behind Alex, as

He added: "We’re not buying into the current computer market."

users have to pay 39.95 pounds a month for telephone support, software
updates and broadband access apart from anti-virus software and 10GB of
storage space on the Broadband Computer Company’s servers.

Hudson, one of the founders of the company, said the idea behind Alex
was to make using a computer a "simple and enjoyable" experience.

The BBC’s technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones thinks Alex is a move ahead.

said: "Alex is trying to do three things: win new people over to the
internet, introduce a new – and more expensive – way of using
computers, and take on the might of Microsoft.

"If the company succeeds it will be a huge boost for the cause of Linux computing."


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