WebRenderer Swing Edition 5.0 is now released

JadeLiquid Software is proud to announce the release of WebRenderer Swing Edition 5.0, a major advancement to the world’s first and only standards compliant pure Swing embedded Java browser SDK.

WebRenderer Swing Edition 5.0 supports:

– 100% pure Swing Lightweight rendering;
– W3C DOM (including Level 2)
– Plugins including Java Applets
– SSL Certificate Interface
– Windows, Linux, OS X, Solaris and AIX support
– Improved Graphics Library
– JavaScript Engine – Speed improvements and enhanced memory performance
– Security Improvements

Built upon Mozilla technology (based on the Firefox 3 engine) and rendering in 100% pure Java Swing, WebRenderer Swing Edition 5.0 incorporates significant upgrades to the rendering engine resulting in major performance improvements.

"WebRenderer continues to provide Java developers with unrivaled speed, rendering quality, and standards compliance", said Anthony Scotney, CEO of JadeLiquid Software.

JadeLiquid Software offers direct support for WebRenderer, hot fixes are available for download online, and rolling release schedule rather than long wait times between releases.

To download a free trial version of WebRenderer Swing Edition 5.0.


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