MathMagic Pro Editions 6.91 application is available

InfoLogic, Inc. today is proud to announce MathMagic Pro Editions
6.91 for Adobe InDesign and QuarkXPress for Mac OS X, their
award-winning multi-purpose equation editor for mathematical equations
and symbols. MathMagic Pro Editions come with InDesign Plug-ins and
Quark XTensions to enable InDesign and QuarkXPress the equation editing
capability right inside their documents.

Version 6.91 can extract all equations out from MS Word
documents(.doc and .docx) to external files for convenient re-use. It
can batch-convert the equations to any formats that MathMagic support,
such as EPS, JPEG, PDF, PICT, MathML, or LaTeX. Equations created with
MS Equation Editor, MathType, and MathMagic are supported in the
conversion. Other graphic objects used in MS Word documents can also be
extracted and saved in a folder as separate files.

"This batch conversion and extraction of equations and other graphic
objects will help many DTP users in the technical publishing fields
save time and cost when they often receive MS Word documents from
writers to put on the plates.", says Charlie Lee, CTO of InfoLogic.

MathMagic 6.91 includes other new and improved features such as more
Macro support, new Variable height angle template, and new updated CS3
and CS4 plug-ins.

The superior quality and productivity of MathMagic have been
selected by thousands of large publishers and university presses around
the world. Professors, students, scientists, engineers, and school
districts rely on MathMagic products for their math communication and
technical writing.

First available on Mac in 1998, MathMagic’s equation quality is
unsurpassed and designed to meet stringent high-end DTP requirements.
MathMagic Pro Editions allow designers and editors to write and edit
high quality equations fast right inside InDesign or QuarkXPress
documents without going through the time-consuming export/import steps.

Minimum Requirements:
* Mac OS X 10.4 or later (including 10.6 Snow Leopard)

Pricing and Availability:
MathMagic Pro Edition 6.91 is available now for $499 USD ($299 for
Academic). Regular plus 2-year free upgrade and free tech support: $695
($399 for Academic). A one month Subscription license for $75.00 ($50
for Academic) is also available. All MathMagic installers come with a
fully functional trial period up to 40 times.


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