TruPoint Partners announces IT Risk Check 5.0

TruPoint Partners announces the release of a new version of the IT Risk Check software for GLBA Section 501B compliance. The IT Risk Check software helps banks and savings institutions by providing better management of their vendors, information systems and technology assessments.

"IT Risk Check Version 5.0 is designed with our customers in mind," says Trey Sullivan, TruPoint Partners President and CEO. "We received valuable input from our existing IT Risk Check customers, the examiners and our GLBA experts. The initial response has been outstanding. We know our customers will be pleased with this latest release of IT Risk Check".

IT Risk Check 5.0 offers Windows 7 compatibility and full support for 64 bit computing. TruPoint Partners enhanced the Information Technology and Physical Risk Assessment modules to include additional risk rating management. A new vendor alert system offers increased vendor management functionality and new reports offer increased report query options.


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