Six New Features of Gmail

First tested in the Labs, six new features are promoted as full functionality in Gmail.

Google announced the introduction of six new features in Gmail. This is the autocomplete in the search field (in English only), quick access to the labels (keys g + l), creating its own color combinations of labels, a detector of forgotten attachment (while an addition is suggested in the message), previews YouTube and the answering machine in case of absence (in Settings, General).

If these features do not seem quite new to some users, because they were already proposed but experimental through the Labs tab. They then left the laboratory to become officially integrated functionality to Gmail.

Others have not suffered the same fate. In the Labs, a household has been done at the expense of five features that were removed from the location in which the signature, signatures random … Not surprisingly, they have not been very successful.

The Gmail Labs has been launched there over a year and a half so that Google engineers give free rein to their imagination. The problem is that features can go completely unnoticed, especially as the number to test tends to grow. The little sweep of Google, who will lead others is not evil.


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