Mozilla releases Thunderbird version 3.0.2

Mozilla Messaging delivers a second maintenance release of Thunderbird 3.0. An update 3.0.2 which should resolve the problems of transition from Thunderbird 2.0 on Mac OS X.

A maintenance release 3.0.2 is available for the email client Thunderbird platform. It is therefore the second version of its kind for Thunderbird 3.0 which were published in December 2009.

If one believes the official announcement that version 3.0.2 corrects three issues critical security: An integer overflow causing a crash in the video library libtheora a memory problem secure in the library media liboggplay and crashes caused by memory corruption.

These problems have however already been corrected with the 3.0.1 version of Thunderbird. A strange reminder then. It may nevertheless have a clearer idea of actual contributions of Thunderbird 3.0.2 by consulting the list of bugs fixed.

They are relatively legion and is notable for fixed a security problem at the DNS prefetching (information leak), solving a crash when handling messages in the virtual folder, the correction non-import from Outlook Express message to many recipients or a large header.

Several corrections have been made at the level of support IMAP. For Mac OS X users, Thunderbird 3.0.2 now provides better upgrade made since version 2.0. When the switch Thunderbird 2.0 / 3.0, many users had in fact noted the loss of some data as the contents of the basket of local folders, deleting some characters in folder names.

Mozilla Thunderbird 3.0.2



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