O2 leads amongst all mobile broadband provider phones

It is certainly the right time for mobile broadband giant O2 to say ‘cheers’.O2 wins mobile broadband race in uk mobile phone industry

In a recently concluded test by an independent contractor, O2 and Vodafone have been declared as the fastest broadband providers in the UK. However, these tests were commissioned by O2 to get a clear picture of what UK users are really getting when it comes to broadband speed.

These tests for mobile broadband speeds were carried out at various times during the day at around 150 locations for over 60 days. Vodafone won the first slot for web-browsing with top speeds in five of the cities tested. 02 came out with killing performance for music-downloads in 12 cities. Vodafone remained just behind on the second spot for music-downloads.

As far as the browing test is concerned, T-Mobile, Orange and O2 shared the second spot. The test will surely put O2 and Vodafone on the priority list of the prospective broadband users. However the speed difference was almost negligible and from the consumers’ point, it does not make much sense. There has been no location specific data regarding the tests and therefore, users won’t be able to take any benefits from the study.

Just a few days ago, O2 was in news for testing 4G mobile broadband. The test confirmed the speed to be around 8 Mbps which is somewhat similar to the fixed- line broadband speed. It is a well-known fact that almost all service providers in the UK make tall promises for broadband speeds but when it comes to ground reality, all fall flat on the ground. But now, with more and more operators coming out with faster speeds, things are surely going in the right direction for UK users who always look out for speedy broadband.


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