AVG Anti-Virus software now available at half cost with full security feature

For more than 15 years, John Tromley has been the Network Administrator for Corpus Christi Allergy & Asthma Center (CCAAC) in Corpus Christi, Texas. He and a part-time assistant are responsible for the efficient operation and security of 110 computers and eight servers at the center.

Like all medical institutions, CCAAC is subject to strict state and federal data protection regulations in the form of the Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA) and other legislation, so network security is of the utmost importance. Because of the importance of maintaining confidentiality of health information, Tromley must maintain high levels of protection against viruses and other malware.

Also in common with many medical institutions, however, Tromley has been faced with significant budget cuts, to the extent that even the cost of the center’s anti-virus protection came under scrutiny.

"We had been using Norton AntiVirus," noted Tromley. "But the annual subscription cost was taking a big chunk out of our budget. We couldn’t afford to sacrifice protection, so I set out to find a solution of equal or better quality but without the high price tag.

"I use AVG Anti-Virus Free at home, and have always been happy with the protection it provides, so I went to their website to check out the company’s network offerings."

Great Protection at Half the Price

Tromley was impressed with what he read on the AVG website, so he then set out to find a supplier he felt he could work with. He soon found Walling Data, the longest-standing and highest-volume distributor of AVG products in North America, and called them for a quotation.

"Walling Data was already offering very competitive pricing on AVG solutions, plus I caught them during one of their promotions, so the cost to switch to AVG was half the price of Norton," recalled Tromley. "So, purchasing AVG Anti-Virus Network Edition through Walling was a no-brainer."

An Unexpected Bonus

Tromley was delighted to discover that, not only did Walling offer extremely competitive pricing, but they also provide all their customers with free, unlimited, U.S.-based pre- and post-sales support.

"I needed some help configuring AVG on our network during the transition, so I called Walling’s support line," noted Tromley. "A live person hopped right on our network remotely and walked me through the configuration process.

"Having Walling’s staff take the time to help make sure AVG was set up right on our computers was shocking – but in a good way. It is so rare to come across companies that offer this level of service these days, so I can’t tell you how relieved I was to find out that Walling Data was willing and able to help me for free."

For more information about how to purchase AVG Anti-Virus and other fine security products from Walling Data


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