ADShare technology by Loop Analytics for Mobile application

Formally entering into its first round of technology and company acquisitions, Loop Analytics announced today the acquisition of PurpleTalk’s ADShare technology, which enables cooperative ad sharing between publishers and developers of mobile apps.

"We’re actively looking to obtain stake in useful technology or companies that decrease time to market on our existing initiatives," said Loop Analytics CEO John Dutchak. "Most of the time we invent and build on our own, but PurpleTalk had solid ad sharing technology that we could easily integrate into our platform of mobile application management and monetization products. We’re not about to waste time and money reinventing the wheel when we don’t have to."

The ADShare component builds on Loop’s platform suite of tools and services that help creators of digital content manage, measure, monetize and promote mobile applications. It gives publishers and developers the ability to create house ads for apps and exchange displays of those ads in apps, by other publishers to drive downloads amongst the community.

"We’re committed to not just measuring and advertising within mobile applications," commented Loop CIO Edward Hunter, "But to also help users build, run, and promote their mobile app business. We acquired ADShare from PurpleTalk because it’s another great way to let publishers and developers monetize apps in a way that really works for them. Trading ads back and forth isn’t a new concept in mobile applications. What Loop does with the concept is give complete control over the process to the business owners – the people who own the apps."

ADShare’s sophisticated filtering and targeting mechanisms let users decide where and when cooperative ads are shown, and even allows specific partnerships between publishers to be established. Controls over how these ads are displayed is part of Loop’s App Monetization System, one of several tools users can access to manage one or many mobile apps.

The ADShare system enters open beta along with the rest of the Loop Platform products in March 2010, and launches with mobile device support on Apple, Android and Microsoft devices.


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