iReminder App for iPhones is now out

It just happens that people forget an anniversary or a birthday. Or
miss their daughter’s ballet recital. Or need a reminder for something
in the future but want a chance to do it now. This application has been
designed for customers who need the reminders.
iReminder is an application develo

iReminder is an application developed by TEAM International in
partnership with iTMP and designed for iPhone/iPod Touch that let’s a
User place a call in the future.

The User can choose from a variety of preset reminders including
birthdays, deadlines, anniversaries, payments, oil change reminders and
simple “wake up calls”.Customers can choose text-to-speech or
pre-recorded reminders that are delivered via multiple alternatives
customized by the end user.

For detailed project overview, dilemmas and creative solutions please read the full case study at TEAM International website.

TEAM International is a U.S. based IT professional services firm that
provides world-class Custom Application Development, Mobile/SmartPhone
Development, SaaS/Cloud Computing, QA & Testing.


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