Reader app released by dBelement

dBelement, LLC today is proud to announce Reader for the iPhone,
Droid, iPad and virtually any modern mobile device. Reader by dBelement
is the first of its kind offline eBook WebApp for the iPhone and iPod
touch. There is no need to go to the AppStore, Reader bypasses the
entire AppStore process and offers a revolutionary reading experience.

"My wife and I love to read at night. The "night-time mode" on
Reader has saved my eyes. I just turn on Reader and set auto scroll for
medium and read my book. It’s almost like watching movie. I can’t
believe how many books I’ve finished thanks to Reader!" – Barry J. (Los
Angeles, California)

Reader makes enjoying your books easy. From an organized bookshelf
interface to the crisp fonts scientifically proven to speed up your

* Reader lets you import your own books and it also has a built in Public Library so you’ll never run out of books to read
* The colors are chosen to be easy on the eyes, so you can read for hours
* Reader has a built-in "night time" mode to make it easy to read books at night
* Quick bookmarks will let you jump back to exactly where you left off
* You can adjust the font size to your liking and use one touch scrolling to turn pages
* Set an auto scroll speed and your books will flow up just like movie
credits. The auto scroll is a great feature for touch-free reading, it
also trains your eyes to read at a constant pace
* Reader also has a built in dictionary so you can lookup words on the fly

Unlike AppStore apps you can try Reader for free. There is nothing
to download or install. Reader is a revolutionary webapp that works
completely offline. You can start adding and reading books within
minutes. Navigate to the Reader App page to learn more.


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