ThinClientServer Version 6.2 is released

2X Software, developer of virtual and thin client computing software,
is pleased to announce the release of the 2X ThinClientServer Version
6.2. Building on the success of the 2X ThinClientServer Version 6, 2X
Software’s latest release includes new features enhancing the
performance, functionality and scalability of its popular thin client
management system.

Thin Clients Vital for Future IT Infrastructures

With the increasing popularity of VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure),
demand for manageable and affordable thin client solutions continues to
rise. Companies are increasingly using virtualization to allow users to
utilize thin clients, laptops or USB devices to recreate their
computing environment in secure, controlled settings, removing much of
the expense of managing hundreds or thousands of fat client desktops.
"This new version of the 2X ThinClientServer will allow our customers
to expand their IT client infrastructure, allowing simple integration
with VMware, Citrix, Microsoft Hyper-V and other major virtualization
platforms," said Nikolaos Makris, CEO, 2X Software.
"We have concentrated on pushing the performance and scalability of the
2X ThinClientServer to a new level, allowing the management of larger
networks and more diverse hardware varieties, ranging from legacy
hardware to the latest in commodity PC and thin client technology,"
explained Raphael Borg Ellul Vincenti, 2X Development Manager.

How the 2X ThinClientServer Works

The 2X ThinClientServer deploys a small-footprint Linux-based OS to
popular thin client devices (HP, Wyse, VXL, 10ZiG, Samsung and more) or
PCs and laptops. Attached devices boot the latest version of the OS,
either locally or from the 2X ThinClientServer. Hardware and connection
settings (resolution, logging and more) can be retrieved from the
server at client logon, allowing easy thin client management.

2X ThinClientServer 6.2 New Features:
• VMware View VDI client support
• VNC client support
• Hardware-accelerated support for Citrix Rave
• Full redundancy and backup
• Advanced master/slave concept
• Detailed auditing of all management modifications
• Real-time TCS monitoring for administrators
• Extended hardware support
• Improved 2X ThinClientOS desktop experience
• Updated login screen with reboot and shutdown options
• Webcam support
• Local and remote volume controls
• Customizable SNMP community string

Pricing & Availability

Pricing starts from as little as $595, for managing up to 25 thin
clients, and scales to $1195 for 50 thin clients and $3695 for 250 thin
clients. More information, as well as a free trial version of the


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