Niagara AX Framework is now out

Niagara AX Framework now allows Evrisko Systems Wi-Fi, Internet
Protocol-based HVAC sensors to connect with existing building
This latest advance opens new markets for Evrisko as the HVAC building
systems market migrates from proprietary building control networks to
IP-based infrastructure. Evrisko can now take advantage of an installed
base of over 179,000 units using the Niagara based architecture.

Eau Claire, Wisconsin (PRWEB) February 27,
2010 — Evrisko Systems announced today that the Evrisko Retriever™
HVAC control sensor line is now compatible and interoperable with
Tridium’s Niagara AX platform.

In a collaborative effort with
Madison Heights, Michigan based Cochrane Supply and Engineering, a
leading developer of Niagara AX compatible applications, Evrisko has
developed a Niagara AX compatible drive that enables end users and
contractors to take advantage of the flexibility of the Evrisko sensors
and the versatility of the Niagara AX integration engine.

Niagara AX platform along with the Framework’s development and
integration engine provides a "bridge" from existing (and
proprietary) Building Automation System (BAS) networks – such as BACNET
– to Ethernet-based Internet Protocol (IP) networks. Because Evrisko
Retriever sensors are IP-based, their market was limited to IP-based
BAS new construction or retrofit projects. This new technology
integration allows Evrisko to compete for a wider scope of projects and
market opportunities.

"Niagara AX allows Evrisko Retriever
sensors to maximize existing technology investment, while at the same
time preparing buildings for an eventual move to a fully open IP-based
HVAC network," said Evrisko President John Greene. "This opens up
tremendous market potential for us."

Market data shows the
industry continues it strong movement from proprietary BAS
infrastructures to more widely accepted IP-based networks. The reason
is simple: Cost savings. If the entire building (IT infrastructure as
well) runs on the same IP network, deployment and management costs
drop. This is especially important as credit markets for new
construction remain tight.

"As important as new construction is,
the going has slowed down right now in the market," said Greene.
"Working with Niagara AX allows Evrisko to take advantage of the
increasing retrofit business – giving building managers immediate
access to the cost savings and better performance these wireless
sensors can provide."

Some of the savings and performance
benefits include:
– Scalability: Easily add more sensors to an existing network to
collect additional heating and cooling data to optimize the HVAC system
and reduce costs. – Cost-Effective Occupant Comfort: Place sensors
where needed in optimum locations to precisely control HVAC for maximum
efficiency in delivering a comfortable work environment.
– Intuitive, Web-Based Interface: Access Evrisko sensors through a Web
browser from anywhere using a secure connection.
– JACE® Integration: Integration with existing, well-established JACE


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