India’s First Mobile-Based Infoline for Farmers launched by Drishti Powers

Drishti-Soft becomes technology partner for a robust information system
targeting rural India. More than 72.4% of Indian population lives in
rural areas. Even with a literacy rate of as high as 65% in the rural
areas and increased subscription of mobile services, a mass-reach
information system is yet to become a movement. Such a system would
require a simplified, cost-effective and relevant solution that can
lead to a better tomorrow.
The Telecom Regulatory Authority o

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) data shows that
rural subscribers form a formidable block of 21.31% or over one-fifth
of the total mobile user base in India. This penetration of mobile
phones can be utilized to create a phone-based information service for
educating and assisting the farmers in making important crop-related
decisions and planning a rich harvest. The idea of a phone-based
information dissemination system has been around for quite some time.
But the high costs of information propagation were a major setback.
Drishti’s Ameyo communications suite became the advanced solution
enabling this at an unbeatable cost.

A much-appreciated service in telecommunication and information
technology targeting primarily the Indian Farmer base is the Rural IVRS
(Interactive Voice Response System). It provides new and relevant
information services to rural communities and supports regional
languages to reach the end farmer and speaks out in a language he
understands. G S Management – a Bangalore-based leading business
services company runs India’s first mobile-based farmers’ info-line
for a reputed company. Drishti’s award winning Ameyo communication
suite is the technology powering this pioneering info center.

The info-line powered by Drishti employs a complex IVRS supporting 7
regional languages including Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Kannad,
Telugu and Tamil (another 7 languages would be added soon). This
multi-lingual IVRS provides complete, reliable and high performance
software solution for rural India. The farmers can create their
personalized service comprising of localized weather updates, crop
advisory, agricultural rural news and market prices in 11 states, from
a wide menu of 250 crops and 1200 local and national markets, in the
local language of their choice. It provides filtered information to the
needs of a rural user in a language he understands through normal
telephone beyond any terrestrial boundaries.

As Girisha R, Area Sales Manager, Drishti-Soft explains – "The process
required a complex IVR that incorporated multi-lingual support and
enabled skill-based routing. The IVRS included a unique feature called
Personalized IVR. In this, the system automatically recognizes a caller
based on interaction history and treats the customer with appropriate
language. Many other customizations were made to our standard product
to map the process requirement of this Rural IVR. A mammoth effort in
such innovative processes serving Rural India is towards the challenge
of achieving extremely low costs per transaction, which was met
successfully with Ameyo IPCC."

Providing an effective technology solution to bring the benefits of a
personalized mobile information service to the huge farming community
across the country is not just an innovation but also a
much-appreciated social cause. Says H S Gopal, MD, G S Management –
"Being a part of rural info-line domain was a pleasure. Drishti has
been the right technology partner to help us deliver the standards
expected. The efficiency of IVRS implemented and its flexibility to
accommodate on-going process changes has been a key attribute for us to
appreciate Ameyo more."

Rural information systems are witnessing technology innovations that
would take this revolution further. Being able to reach to the roots of
India in an economical way was a dream. This has become a reality with
feature-rich and cost-effective applications like the Rural IVRS of
Ameyo. With companies like Drishti-Soft innovating in futuristic
technologies and delivering robust solutions at unbeatable costs, the
majority of Indian population would be able to leverage information
technology for individual as well as community benefits.


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