Imac issues to be yellow tint by Apple

For all of you who bought a brand new iMac only to have something sickly and yellow-tinted show up, it looks like you may finally get some answers—or at least, a public admission of the problem.

Apple doesn’t always do the best job of publicly responding to customer concerns—consider app approval issues, buggy software, display cracks, and so on. When something goes wrong, the last thing any affected consumer wants to hear is the ubiquitous Apple “no comment.” How does that help anything?

So color me surprised (get it?) to hear that the company on Friday made a public admission to Gizmodo regarding the yellow-tint fiasco. Apple didn’t return our request for comment, but its representatives reportedly delivered the following statement to Gizmodo:

We’ve addressed the issues that caused display flickering and yellow tint. Customers concerned that their iMac is affected should contact AppleCare.

Sure, there’s no outright apology, but it’s a start.  Since AppleCare has now been briefed on the issue, those with yellowing displays previously reluctant to get in a screaming match with a representative over the phone can now get their machine fixed without raising their blood pressure. In addition, if the company has in fact addressed the problems, we should hopefully start to see production and shipping delays ease up in the coming weeks and months.

For now, if you suspect you own one of these problematic Macs, the easiest thing to do is try a screen test—if any part of that image looks yellow to you, it might be worth your while to call up AppleCare or make an appointment at your local Apple Store.


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