M-6464 & M-6262 Music Phones by Spice introduced

Spice Mobiles has unveiled its latest music phones in India, the M-6464 and M-6262. The company said the phones come with a number of interesting features to enhance the overall musical experience of the user.

The phones come with a Yamaha amplifier and dual speakers enabling the music to be loud and clear. The phone has one touch access to the inbuilt MP3 player and users can rewind and forward songs with their fingertips. The 8 GB expandable memory allows users to carry more music, pictures and other cool stuff on the phone.

The stereo Bluetooth enables the user to share music, pictures and other stuff easily without the clutter of any wires. The M-6464 comes with a 2 Megapixel camera, while the M-6262 has a 1.3 Megapixel camera. The cameras support video recording to capture all those special moments. The large screen and big battery add on extra life and experience.

The special feature which differentiates the M-6464 is the FM Transmitter, which broadcasts and plays through an FM broadcast band frequency. It allows users to play music from their mobile handset on a car stereo, or any FM-enabled mobile phone.

The Motion Sensor lets one change songs and wallpapers or plays games with a double flick of the wrist. Spice said the Hinglish Text input has been specially added seeing the prevalent trend among the youth who speak Hinglish and use such words when they text.

The M-6262 features value added services like ibibo, Opera Mini, SMS Scheduler, Privacy Lock and call blacklist options. The M-6464 is loaded with ibibo, Reuters, Opera Mini, Mobile Tracker, mgurujee et al.

The Spice M-6464 is available at an MRP of Rs. 5,349/-, while the Spice M-6262 is slated for launch next month.


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