Oracle Exadata 2 is now available

Oracle has introduced Oracle Exadata Version 2, the world’s fastest and only online transaction processing machine in the Indian market. In India, where data volumes continue to grow exponentially, the new machine is targeted at enterprises in the manufacturing, government, telecom, financial and public sectors to efficiently process terabytes of data, and push that data through storage networks to achieve the performance necessary for demanding database applications.

Exadata enables enterprises to make critical business decisions, creating a more coherent data environment and making it available 24×7, thus enabling IT managers to get what they need, when they need it, while being able to assess and analyze both performance and results. It eliminates the complexity of deploying database systems and delivers the highest levels of performance available.

With enhanced features, the new database machine goes beyond data warehousing applications. The addition of Exadata Smart Flash Cache based on Sun FlashFire technology delivers extreme performance and scalability for online transaction processing (OLTP). Oracle Exadata Smart Flash Cache addresses the random disk I/O bottleneck by transparently moving "hot data" to Sun FlashFire cards.

With this machine, customers can store more than ten-times the amount of data and search data more than ten-times faster without making any changes to applications.

The componentized, massively parallel architecture of the machine allows it to be expanded incrementally by adding storage servers, database servers, and network switches to its fault-tolerant grid architecture. Sun Oracle Exadata Storage Servers provide a high-bandwidth, massively parallel solution delivering up to 50 GB per second of raw I/O bandwidth and up to 1,000,000 I/O operations per second (IOPS).

"Some of the world’s largest databases reside in India. Coupled with the breadth and depth of the SI and ISV community and their familiarity of Oracle Database here, it is no wonder that we have already seen successful Oracle Exadata Database Machine implementations undertaken by the top Indian SIs in overseas markets," said Chris Chelliah, Senior Director & Chief Architect, Appliance and Strategic Solutions, Oracle Corporation, Asia Pacific Division. "By tapping their existing Oracle skillsets to build implementation services for industries such as financial services, communications, healthcare and the public sector, our partners can achieve a better return and lower risk at the same time by adopting this solution."

There are no other database appliances in the market capable of OLTP workloads. A custom built OLTP solution by IBM, for example, would cost 4 times more. For the same investment, the Exadata would work 4 times faster. Not to mention the shorter time, less effort and risk to embark to size and build a configuration capable of this level of performance by comparison.

Customers can use Exadata V2 with much ease as all of the hardware and the software is preconfigured. Any of the components can fail, and the machine keeps running. There is no single point of failure in this box.

Customers across the globe have chosen Oracle® Exadata to deliver extreme performance for their data warehousing and online transaction processing (OLTP) environments. Customers are seeing immediate and tremendous gains in performance, high availability and manageability for their mission critical databases with Exadata V2. This has lead to a keen interest from customers for Exadata related services such as – Implementation, Migration, Management, and Server Consolidation.

Distinguishing Features

    * Hardware components plus FlashFire technology from Sun, Oracle Database 11g Release 2 and Oracle Exadata Storage Server Software Release 11.2, the newest generation of hardware.
    * Grid computing, enabled by Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) software, is at the center of the implementation because RAC is the foundation for its scale-out computing, extending across multiple server nodes.
    * Exadata Version 2 is available in four models: full rack (8 database servers and 14 storage servers), half-rack (4 database servers and 7 storage servers), quarter-rack (2 database servers and 3 storage servers) and a basic system (1 database server and 1 storage server). All four Exadata configurations are available immediately.

Oracle Exadata V2 Increases Oracle’s Performance and Price-Performance Leadership

    * The Exadata Hybrid Columnar Compression in Oracle Exadata V2 delivers industry leading 10x average table compression for data warehouse data; with corresponding increase in table scan performance.
    * This latest version also features Exadata Smart Flash Cache, the industry’s first intelligent integration of flash with a database, delivering over 1 million I/Os per second and enabling extreme OLTP; plus consolidation of data warehouse and OLTP workloads onto the same system.
    * Boost Productivity – The application includes Task Optimization tools that allow utilities to reduce the number of steps and associated "clicks" in their most common processes – improving efficiency and ensuring consistency in task execution. The Task Optimization tools allow utilities to model their business processes, including configuring their own user interfaces, to suit their unique work processes and needs, while ensuring all data entered is properly validated for accuracy. This enables the system to be even more intuitive and user friendly, helping to reduce required training and improve productivity and efficiency.
    * With Oracle Exadata V2, Oracle Exadata Storage Servers now deliver 50 Gigabytes per second of raw, uncompressed I/O bandwidth; approximately 5x greater than major competitors and 2-3x better on a price/performance basis.


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