Archos expands Android tablet range

Archos has announced a further expansion in its range of
Android-powered portable media players. The Archos 5 is being joined by the Archos 7 and Archos
8. Both will offer an ARM 9 processor, running at 600 MHz, and 7-inch
and 8-inch screens respectively.

The Archos 7 has Wi-Fi, a USB port for transferring data, and upto 7
hours of video playback, or 44 hours of music. It weighs 350g and will
be 12mm thick, with a form factor that’s rather like the current Archos
5. It’ll come in 2GB and 8GB variants.

Archos android tablet

The Archos 8, despite retaining plenty of hardware similarities, has
more of a photo frame form factor. Weighing 400g and measuring 12mm
thick, the device has an always-on touchscreen display, and comes in a
4GB capacity. It’ll be showing up in May.

While we see the appeal of the Archos 7, we’re a little bit puzzled
by the photo frame aspects of the Archos 8. Will it sell. Either way,
the company also promises a full range of tablets, with screen sizes
between 3-inch and 10-inch, and 1GHz processors, will be launched in
Summer 2010. You might want to hang on for those instead.


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