Samsung Electronics Mass Producing Super-wide LCD Panels

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, a global
leader in digital media and display technologies, today announced
it has begun mass producing a super-wide LCD panel for out-of-home
advertising and informational displays. This 43-inch LCD panel
produces images with a panoramic aspect ratio of 4:1, compared to
conventional standard (4:3) or widescreen (16:9) panels. Featuring
Full HD-ready (1920×480 resolution), this new super-wide panel
can be utilized in subway stations, airports, shopping malls and
schools, where existing standard panels are unable to effectively
deliver information.

now are witnessing digital information displays being used in a
broader range of applications with increasing demand for customizable
DIDs to improve information delivery,” said Chang-man Kim, vice
president of marketing at Samsung Electronics’ LCD Business. “Samsung
Electronics will target the DID market with specialized products
including brighter outdoor DIDs and panels with an ultra-slim
bezel, as well as our super-wide panel.”

In addition,
the Samsung super-wide digital information display (DID) panel
allows for effective delivery of related information in various
formats through split screens. With the capability to run three VGA
(640×480) screens at once or individually, the panel can present
different eye-catching combinations of video and text in contiguous

Samsung Electronics has already converted some of
its facilities to mass-produce the super-wide LCD panels. It
expects to produce 12 super-wide LCD panels per substrate on its 7th
generation production line.

According to DisplaySearch, a
leading global market research firm, the market for DID LCD panels
is expected to grow from 1.33 million in 2010 to 6.57 million
units in 2015. It is also projected that LCD panels will account
for nearly 90 percent of the DID market in 2015.


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