Intel launched Atom N470 1.83 GHz processor

On the eve of the opening of CeBIT, Intel has officially lift the veil on the latest processor family Atom, the N470, which will integrate with the platform PineTrail and should soon take place in low-cost computers Type netbook. Long overdue, the Atom N470 displays an operating frequency of 1.83 GHz, slightly faster than the Atom N450 (1.66GHz) that is already on the market.

It shares with its predecessor an L2 cache of 512 KB, the ownership of mémmoire DDR2 at 667 MHz and the integration of a graphics core, the GMA 3150. Its TDP (Thermal Design Power) should be identical to around 6W, the objective here is to encourage the development of laptops particularly steadfast in terms of autonomy.

Single-core processor, however, with hyperthreading, the Atom N470 is likely to be enthroned prominently in the netbooks that will be unveiled this week at CeBIT. Lenovo is among the first manufacturers to have announced its intention to use in its Ideapad S10-3, presented in January at CES.


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