Facebook acquires patent for its News Feed feature

By last weekend, officials of the social network Facebook announced the recent acquisition of a patent with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, the management organization in the U.S. patents.

This relates News. Made available in 2006 and later became the hallmark of social network to 400 million members (count revealed at the sixth anniversary), this function is to recall the news displayed members (change profile photo , marking a photo, filed a comment on a profile, adding a new contact, group membership, a record in a game, sharing links, etc..).

If this patent is the pride of Facebook, it worries some on the side of MySpace and Twitter. If nothing has been disclosed about its use, it is clear that the holder applies to competitors who may soon be demanding royalties. But some also see it as a response to Google’s new Buzz feature, designed to display news in the e-mail service Gmail and seeing already put spokes in the wheels.

This is this way that the analyst Rob Enderle sees things: "It’s not just Facebook that it takes to Twitter. He blames MySpace or other social network. One could even say that it is a defensive maneuver against Google. "


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