ICTS-6.1-IP in-ceiling speakers now launched

NetStreams, the pioneer in NetStreams networks based on Internet Protocol (IP) technology, recently acquired by ClearOne (Nasdaq: CLRO), the leading global provider of audio conferencing solutions today announced the latest release from Atlantic Technology, the new ICTS-6.1-IP in-ceiling speakers. The NetStreams system enables the speaker’s crossover and equalization functions to be performed digitally upstream, in the NetStreams amplifier. The NetStreams amplifier is connected to each Atlantic speaker with an easy Phoenix connector. The combination of these new leading speakers with a NetStreams SpeakerLinX amplifier such as the NS-SL254 and the pre-loaded Atlantic  rossover/equalization files can be custom dialed to the exact crossover and equalization desired.

"We have built some really good ceiling speakers over the years," said Steve Feinstein, Atlantic Technology’s Director of Marketing and Product Development, "but never one that sounds this good for such a modest price-and it has full IP capabilities. Whether it’s used for music in the kitchen or home theater in the bedroom, installers are going to love this speaker. It’s easy to install, it sounds great and it’s priced right for today’s marketplace."

"The Atlantic/NetStreams system sounds great–you get every bit of performance that the speakers are capable of," said Michael Braithwaite, Senior Vice President of Technology for ClearOne. "Atlantic speaker innovation, coupled with NetStreams digital precision — it’s an unbeatable combination. Also, since we’re completely avoiding the passive crossover, the speakers won’t suffer any insertion loss. As a matter of fact, the system will play as much as 5dB louder which means that the NetStreams’ 50-watt amplifiers behave like conventional 160-watt amplifiers."

Braithwaite continued, "This is the best of all worlds: a super-clean digital signal with the exact crossover and equalization data encoded for these Atlantic speakers, everything remains in the digital domain, all the way from the recording studio until it reaches the speakers."

AVAD is now taking orders for the ICTS-6.1-IP. MSRP is $125 per unit.


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