Steam Update: The Old Stuff

Valve just released another Steam update that updates both the original Half-life engine and the original Counter-strike to both fix a few exploits, bugs as well as to make it start using the second version of the anti-cheat software, simply start or restart to Steam to grab the update:

Half-Life 1: Engine
– Servers will default to starting up using VAC2
– Added “sv_uploadmax” cvar to limit the max size (in MB) a client can use for a custom resource (i.e spray decals)
– Added “-sport” command line option to allow you to specify the VAC2 port the server should use
– Don’t allow servers to execute “alias” commands on clients (prevents an infinite loop exploit using alias commands from servers)
– Fixed S2C_CONNREJECT packet exploit causing the game to quit from any currently connected game server (found by Gavin Cotter)
– Fixed crash exploit caused by specially crafted packet triggering a crash in the resource upload code (found by Gavin Cotter)
– Fixed infinite loop in richtext/textentry control caused by large sets of spaces between words wrapping around line ends (found by Kristian Hermansen)
– Fixed possible lockup when refreshing a login ticket
– Disabled old style server queries by default.

– Fixed menu exploit on join that spawned you into the server but moved you around as you were in spectator mode Obviously good to see them keeping the older stuff fresh, even if it has been quite a while. The Lost Coast is apparently looming closer and Counter-strike: Source players can look forward to a new Counter-terrorist model – SAS – though it is not yet clear how it will be integrated, that is selectable or random – we will have to wait and see.


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