Composite Applications Enriched with Skelta BPM Software

Skelta Software, a leader in the embeddable Business Process Management (BPM) and advanced workflow solutions hosted series of webinars titled "Build Composite Applications rapidly with Skelta BPM" in February 2010. This complimentary webinar series evoked great response amongst the C-Level and senior IT executives.

Composite applications represent the next generation of software applications created by business drivers for greater use, agile process automation, and more flexible business and IT configuration. Such applications are built using a well integrated BPM platform. The webinar covered why enterprises require composite applications, common bottlenecks encountered while developing one, industry and how Skelta BPM facilitates rapid development of composite applications.

Speaking on this occasion, Kalpa Shah, Executive VP, Skelta Software, said "We were amazed with the response for the webinar series. Attendees were impressed with Skelta BPM’s capability to develop composite applications rapidly. In fact most attendees expressed interest to implement Skelta in their enterprise within the next 3 months".


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