CAD Schroer releases its CAD version for Windows and Linux

The launch of CAD Schroer’s CSG eSERVICES platform has cleared the way for commercial use of the MEDUSA4 Personal CAD freeware. Impressed by the advanced drafting system, professional designers are increasingly using the DXF/PDF conversion service.

Spoilt for choice?
While it appears that CAD users are spoilt for choice when it comes to free CAD software, many solutions offer limited functionality or documentation. As a result, only a few applications are fit for purpose in the commercial world. CAD Schroer’s MEDUSA4 Personal freeware offers users a comprehensive set of professional tools. The company’s website provides extensive help by means of tutorials, documentation, a user forum and FAQs. The advanced drafting package includes DXF/DWG import and support for all relevant international standards, making it an ideal professional tool. The latest release of the software, version 4.0, even allows users to incorporate black and white or colour images into their designs.

CAD Schroer’s CSG eSERVICES portal, launched in mid-2009, enables users of the MEDUSA4 Personal CAD freeware to profit from their designs. This has tweaked the interest of professional users, who increasingly use the site to convert designs, previously marked “not for commercial use”, thereby gaining the right to commercialise their work. The majority of users currently come from Germany, Italy and the United States. The most popular service is the DXF conversion, enabling designers to send their MEDUSA4 Personal designs to customers or suppliers.

Registered users are allocated a private and secure area for uploading their MEDUSA4 Personal designs. They can use PayPal to pay a small fee to convert their drawing to a plottable PDF or full-fledged DXF file, which can be used commercially without restrictions.

"The approach we took with MEDUSA4 Personal has been borne out by the positive response we’ve had," says Michael Schroer. "After all, it was quite a risk to take a professional grade CAD package with advanced features, worth thousands of Euros in the commercial realm, and offer it up for free. Our experience over the past few years has shown that this was absolutely the right move, as we’ve gained a whole new user base for our products. Now it’s our job to reassure those users that they won’t reach a dead-end when their needs change. So we’ve created a low cost, pay-per-result solution to serve the specific requirements of this new user base. Because the MEDUSA4 Personal community is very large and steadily expanding, the new online conversion option is only the beginning; we’re already planning other services. We intend to keep expanding our online offering to meet the growing demands of this community.“


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