Mobile Service Gallery launched by Loop Mobile

Loop Mobile Mumbai’s leading mobile service provider today announced the launch of  Mobile Service Gallery.The  mobile service gallery is a first of its kind in Mumbai.

The Loop Mobile Service Gallery will be stationed outside prominent locations like Shopping Malls, Theaters, colleges and other popular hangouts. Loop Mobile subscribers can now simply step in the van positioned in their neighborhood and enjoy an innovative experience.

With pre-determined geographical areas and routes to cover, the van will visit different areas of the city everyday. Loop Mobile subscribers will be informed a day in advance of its presence in their neighborhood via SMS.

Mr. Sumeet Badlaney, Vice President -Customer Service Delivery, Loop Mobile quoted,” Our new Service Gallery Van is yet another step in delivering our service to where our subscribers either stay or work or travel or shop or study. The fully functional & well equipped van will enable us to provide all the diverse services that our Loop Mobile Stores provide. It will help open up one more touch point to interact with our subscribers; all the while making access to our service effortless. It is also a means of creating maximum visibility & brand impact across the entire city.”

“Going ahead we will even dedicate certain days in a month to our corporate clients, this will be a boon to office-goers who are always time pressed”, he added.


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