XATA and SpeedGauge Partner to Provide Enhanced Speed Data for Increased Safety

XATA Corporation, a leader in fleet optimization
software and services, today announced a reseller partnership with
SpeedGauge, a commercial vehicle GPS data provider for speed tracking
and analysis. The addition of SpeedGauge to the XATANET application
suite will be available in late spring to new and existing XATANET

Speeding is a concern for fleet managers and their insurers
because it not only indicates unsafe driver behavior, it also results in
poor fuel economy and increased vehicle maintenance. SpeedGauge’s
solutions help fleet operators identify high-risk driver behavior and
manage fuel economy, making the technology the ideal complement to
XATA’s fleet performance management solutions.

"Because speeding can greatly impact fleet operations cost and
overall safety, customers want and need this functionality," said Tom
Flies, senior vice president, product marketing, XATA Corporation. "By
listening to our customers, we are able to constantly evolve our
solution. Working with such top, third-party application providers as
SpeedGauge is an excellent way to include capabilities that take the
guesswork out of compliance and promote safety."

"Our shared vision of providing superior fleet performance
information to fleet management will make for a great partnership with
XATA," said Robert Reid, co-founder and executive vice president,
SpeedGauge. "Our comprehensive speed data and analysis will give XATA
customers more visibility into their drivers’ behavior, information that
will result in an overall better-run fleet."


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