New Vlingo iPhone App Now Available on App Store

Vlingo Corporation today launched an enhanced version of its popular
Vlingo for iPhone App, which is now available on the App Store. The app
gives users the ability to send email and text messages simply by
speaking into their iPhone. Unlike speech recognition apps that offer a
single use only, Vlingo delivers up to six voice-powered features
including: email, SMS Paste, social site updates, maps and voice dial.
Vlingo for iPhone supports North American & UK English.

"Over the last year, millions of iPhone users who experienced the
convenience and safety of our voice-powered app have asked for more ways
to use it on the go," said Dave Grannan, President & CEO at Vlingo.
"Adding email and SMS Paste were natural extensions for busy users who
want to experience better, faster ways to communicate. Now, with a
single app, it’s easy to send an email or text, call a friend, search
the web, update Facebook or Twitter, and use Google Maps simply by
speaking into your iPhone."

Feature enhancements include:

— EMAIL: send an email by speaking a contact, subject and message body. For example, "Email Chris, Subject Tonight, Message Running a bit late!"
— SMS Paste: send a text message by speaking a contact and message. Simply say, "Text Mike, Message How are you?
— SEARCH: in addition to Google and Yahoo! search, Vlingo has added Bing to the mix. Just say, "Bing sushi restaurants in San Francisco," and view results.
— AUTO-LISTEN: voice recognition can be set to start automatically when the iPhone is turned on. Simply open Vlingo and speak in one easy step.
— CONTACT SELECTION: when composing a text message, say your contact and the message in one fell swoop, "Text Erin, Message How are you?"

It includes voice dial, search, maps, Facebook and Twitter update
functionality. The new email and SMS Paste messaging features can be
added to the app for $6.99 each, or both for only $9.99.


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