Alkami Technology Deploys myOneLogin Identity Services in their Oxygen Platform

TriCipher, a leading provider of
Cloud identity services, announced today that Alkami Technology has
selected myOneLogin Identity Services to provide secure authentication
and federation for its next-generation online banking platform. Alkami
has integrated the myOneLogin on-demand identity services with Windows
Identity Framework to offer claims-based authentication service for its
banking and credit union customers.

"Alkami is now the first online banking vendor to offer
claims-based authentication, using myOneLogin’s strong authentication
and federation services. Using myOneLogin, we can de-couple
authentication from our application, offering state-of-the-art
authentication technologies while focusing on online banking
innovation," says Stephen Bohanon, President at Alkami. "We manage
authorization and permissions within our Oxygen Platform using Windows
Identity Framework, and use myOneLogin’s multi-protocol federation to
link authenticated customers to the platform."

myOneLogin Identity Services provides multi-protocol
federation and multiple strong authentication technologies, all
available as a Cloud Service easily called from within a web
application. The strong authentication services provided by myOneLogin
help the banks and credit unions that are Alkami’s customers meet FFIEC
guidelines for multi-factor authentication.

"Alkami is a great example of the new kinds of partnerships
and relationships happening behind cloud services like online banking.
Managing online identity securely is absolutely essential to the success
of these evolving business models," said Jack Martin, VP Worldwide
Field Operations at TriCipher. "By moving authentication and federation
to a cloud-based service, Alkami is able to provide a next-generation
service that meets the security needs of today’s financial services


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