HMX-H200, HMX-203, HMX-H204, and HMX-H205 H-series camcorders From Samsung

Samsung has announced that it’s expanding its
H-series lineup to include four new full HD camcorders. There’s
the  HMX-H200, HMX-203, HMX-H204, and HMX-H205. All of them include
Samsung’s new BSI CMOS imaging sensor, which it reckons excels in low
light conditions compared to chips from its competitors.

They also include SSD drives, which should be a little less prone to
damage than the more traditional HDD. They’ll also be a little more
lightweight and compact, and use less power – a positive all round,
really. Except that at the time of writing you get considerably less
storage for your cash with an SSD compared to an HDD.

All the new H-series camcorders are equipped with a 20x optical zoom,
37mm wide-angle lens and the ability to capture full 1080p HD content.
There’s optical image stabilisation, too, and a 2.7-inch wide
touchscreen LCD with 230K pixel resolution will let you see what’s going
on, and adjust the settings. They can take 4.7-megapixel digital
stills, and there’s a special timelapse mode.

samsung h-series camcorders

Onto the differences between the models themselves. HMX-H200 has no
internal memory, but records instead onto an SD or SDHC card, the
HMX-H203 offers 8GB of internal storage, the HMX-H204 has 16GB of
storage and the  HMX-H205 contains a whopping 32GB of SSD action.

Battery life for all four models is rated at approximately 2 hours,
and all four will be arriving around June. Perfect for capturing your
summer barbecues. No pricing yet, though. When we hear more, we’ll be
sure to let you know.


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