Windows 7 Series Phone will not support Windows Mobile applications

Approaching the MIX conference, tongues are loosened. And the rumors take shape. Charlie Kindel confirms that the Windows Mobile applications are not compatible with Windows 7 Series Phone.

When Microsoft introduced its new OS Windows Mobile Phone 7 Series, it has sought to show that recent additions to the interface (thematic hubs). Nothing was said about its underlying structure, which will be unveiled at the MIX conference developers from 15 to 17 March next.

Nevertheless, the group Redmond has made it clear that everything had been taken in its mobile OS and that this applied also to the very functioning of the mobile platform. Quickly, the rumor of an incompatibility of existing applications with the new system began to emerge.

It will also start from scratch for applications
This aspect has been confirmed in a letter from Charlie Kindel, program manager of application development for Windows Phone, which explains that the mobile platform is so different in all aspects of Windows Mobile that ‘so what you could see in the demos of Windows 7 Phone Series so far, we have created a rupture with the past. To provide that developers are waiting in the development program, we had to change the way applications are written.

One consequence of all this is that existing Windows Mobile applications will not run on Windows 7 Series Phone. "

This does not mean that Microsoft will not continue to support Windows Mobile 6.5 as the company intends to keep abreast of the two versions of the mobile platform but this is still to be cut completely from a database of several thousands ‘applications while it will encourage developers to switch to Windows 7 Series Phone.

Charlie Kindel promises but it is only a matter of adapting to developers, much of their knowledge remains valid in order to create applications on the new platform, especially for those who develop .NET.

Moreover, it will be an opportunity to attract those who develop in Silverlight and XNA as it is among the technologies supported by Windows 7 Series Phone. This promises some interesting announcements at the MIX conference.


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