The First Universal Barcode Reader “Mobiletag” Is Now Available on NOKIA OVI Store

Mobile Tag, the European leader in mobile barcode solutions, has launched in February its latest application: mobiletag Universal Reader and shopping.

Mobiletag is already a downloadable application on all major mobile stores: Android, Iphone, Blackberry, Windows… And now on NOKIA OVI Store!

Mobile Tag has always tried to develop new technology from the consumer’s point of view, and the mobiletag Universal Reader & shopping on OVI Store is no exception.

The concept behind this application is to send, receive and share information and best prices to everyone and for everyone through all standardized barcodes. The millions clients of NOKIA across the world have now the possibility to update their mobiletag application already embedded or to download the latest version.

Scanning a barcode with your Nokia mobile phone is simply taking a picture of it with your phone, using the mobiletag application. Mobiletag on OVI Store is free! Go to OVI Store and enter "mobiletag".

Mobiletag: Universal Reader available on OVI Store

For the first time, your mobile phone can scan the three international standard barcodes with a single application. Mobiletag scans 1D barcodes (EAN 13, UPC, etc.) and 2D barcodes (Datamatrix, flashcode, Fotokody, QR-Code, etc.). This version is, for the moment, compatible with the latest mobile top sales of NOKIA (N97 & 5800 coming soon).

Finally, a Universal reader that is truly Universal!

Mobiletag: Shopping

In addition to the Universal reader, mobiletag has developed a shopping offer based on product price comparator. Consumers can compare the best offers from different merchants.

The price comparator works on 1D barcodes. Initially, you can compare prices offered by websites. You will then also be able to get product information from stores around you. Get the best price and purchase products using your Nokia mobile phone, or go to the store to find your product.

There are 1D barcodes everywhere around us so scanning can become a game; however, mobiletag really allows you to save money on your purchases.


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