Veritext Announces Patent-Pending Deposition Exhibit Management Solution

Veritext, the established leader in providing deposition and
litigation support services, today announced the launch of the Veritext
Exhibit Management Solution (XMS), the first and only digital solution
for managing exhibits before, during and after the deposition. XMS is an
end-to-end digital solution that provides a complete database of
exhibits, control over exhibit numbering, and remote access to the
exhibits anywhere, anytime. In addition to exhibit management, exhibits
can also be viewed in real time during the deposition.

The XMS system was most recently used on the Adelphia Recovery
Trust litigation to handle over 180 depositions. "Veritext Exhibit
Management Solution system was invaluable to us in the Adelphia case. We
were able to seamlessly manage thousands of exhibits and display them
in real time at the depositions," said Howard Schub, a partner at
Kasowitz, Benson, Torres & Friedman. "This product, the Exhibit
Management Solution, is an essential and efficient tool for today’s
deposition in complex multi-party litigation."

Upon installation, users can immediately begin loading their
exhibits into the XMS system; there is no need to print, ship and
distribute paper exhibits at the deposition – saving the litigation team
time, money and resources. Once in the system, the exhibits are
available 24/7 on the web at every stage of the litigation, making it
much easier to prepare for major case events, such as summary judgment.
At the deposition, the exhibits are easily called up via bar code and
displayed on monitors throughout the room – providing much greater
visual impact during the deposition.

In addition, remote deposition participants can view the
exhibits in real time along with the scrolling transcript. Exhibits are
then immediately available after the deposition to assist in further
case preparation for future depositions.

"We know firsthand from our clients that managing deposition
exhibits is time-consuming and frustrating, particularly in multi-party,
multi-track litigation. In response to this need, we have created the
Veritext Exhibit Management Solution," said Lolly Bak, Chief Information
Officer of Veritext. "Our solution provides our clients with easier
case preparation, a smarter way to manage exhibits, and a green solution
to help eliminate much of the paper in litigation."


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