Xobni-like sidebar For Gmail

Perhaps you love Xobni, the plugin for
Outlook which pulls in data and statistics about your contacts and
displays them in a handy toolbar. Perhaps you also love Gmail, Google’s webmail client that
offers a boatload of storage and access from anywhere in the world, as
long as you’re online.

Until recently you’d have to have picked between the two of your
loves. You’d have had to leave one crying at the altar while snuggling
into the arms of the other. No-one ever said relationships were easy.
But there might be light at the end of the tunnel of love. An extension
called Rapportive,
for Firefox and Chrome, may be about to make your polygamous dreams come

It takes the space over on the right side of your Gmail window, which
is filled with ads, and it replaces those ads with contact info about
the sender. You give it your name and email addresses through Gmail, and
then it cross references the name of anyone who emails you with various
social networks and gives you handy links so you can find out more.

It’s not quite as extensive as Xobni, but if you’re going to two-time
both of the apps, then you’re not going to be able to get the best bits
of both. You’ll just have to live with your compromise.


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