Sandata Technologies and Infocrossing Settle Patent Infringement Suit

Sandata Technologies, Inc., a leading nationwide provider of
information technology solutions to the home healthcare and social
services communities, and Infocrossing, Inc. today announced the
settlement of the patent infringement lawsuit between the two companies.
As part of the settlement, Infocrossing will transfer its home
healthcare agency business consisting of time and attendance software
and services that capture time and attendance information inputted by
telephone as provided under the contracts being assigned to Sandata and
will stop offering such services to home health care agencies in North
America. The parties agreed to release all claims against each other,
including Sandata’s claims for alleged infringement of Sandata’s patents
covering Automatic Number Identification.

Harold Blue, CEO of Sandata stated, "We are pleased to reach
an agreement with Infocrossing regarding our intellectual property. We
believe this is the best outcome for all parties involved. Sandata
looks forward to having the opportunity to serve Infocrossing’s
customers with our comprehensive suite of telephony and software
solutions. Sandata will continue to vigorously defend its patents and
other intellectual property using all means at our disposal."


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