Acer showcases Veriton N270G at the CeBIT 2010

A sleek diamond shape design, a compact form factor a power efficient processor, a robust graphic solution and useful software, the new Acer Veriton N270G has all the ingredients for optimal computing performance at low energy consumption and maintenance costs.

It’s just perfect for small offices, education facilities, public transportation displays, exhibition halls, hotel countertops, airline check-in kiosks and other places where space is limited and standard computing performance is required. It offers the perfect balance between productivity and efficiency. Owing to its ultra-compact size (just 1 liter!) the Veriton N270G permits to use space with utmost effectiveness whether placed on its stand or attached on the back of selected Acer monitors.

The Veriton N270G is driven by power efficient Intel Atom D510 processor, that provides dual-core 64-bit performance combined with Intel NM10 Express Chipset. The result is the optimal platform to play quality videos, surf the Web and run office computing software efficiently. Memory-wise the Veriton N270G can count on up to 4GB of memory, while the integrated GFX core graphics solution ensures the playback of high quality videos and the display of sharp and well defined images. A spacious HDD and a built-in multi-in-one card reader simplify storage and data sharing tasks.

Energy efficient systems help reducing the environmental impact as well as maintenance costs. The Veriton N270G runs on an energy efficient processor and can use the right amount of power via Acer PowerSaver technology. Compliancy with Energy Starrequirements ensure reduced power consumption. Given its extremely compact size, the Veriton N270G saves both on material and package usage. On top of it, packaging is made of recyclable material.

A clever design ensures a neat cable management avoiding tangles and offering easy access to most used ports. For optimal usability, the power button peeks over the display when the device is attached to the rear of a monitor.

Pre-loaded on the Veriton N270G is the Veriton ControlCenter, a suite of utilities designed to simplify the work environment, gathering crucial functions and handy tools in a single, fast-access panel to help users save time and energy and simplify routine tasks.
Veriton ControlCenter includes:

  • Acer QuickMigration, enabling quick update and transfer of personal data form one PC to another using a common network cable
  • Acer PowerSaver, allowing the configuration of power levels according to computer usage: low power for normal use and energy saving; high power when top performance is required
  • Acer SmartBoot automatically loads frequently used programs in the system tray on start
  • Acer eLock Management locks removable data devices, optical drives, and other interfaces with a password to ensure that data cannot be stolen while the computer is unattended.
  • Acer eSettings Management with its intuitive interface allows complete control over the workings of the system for convenient configuration.

For easy remote management of common IT tasks, the Veriton N270G includes Acer Client Manager, a software designed to simplify nertwork administration.


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