Gigabyte comes up with M1000 series netbook

Here is a good news for all those 10-inch Netbook
users that is powered by new Intel Atom N470 CPU and most also still looking for the
Nvidia GT218. Gigabyte have comeup with M1000 netbook, the successor of Gigabyte
BookTop M1022, which will offer two versions. Both of them, M1000C and M1000N, have the
new Intel
Atom N470 CPU with 1.83 GHz on board, it is next to the
entry-level model. In this version, the N stands for Nvidia. The
device has the "small" version of Nvidia ION "2" on board. The good news is that both editions will only be a dull display
delivered. Thus we see Gigabyte is capable of learning.

Next will come with the Gigabyte M1000C in April, the basic version
on the market. This model has a 10-inch display, 1GB of RAM and a
250-gigabyte hard drive. Other facilities are equivalent to what one
already knows from the M1022. So there is a small rubber keyboard, two USB
2.0 ports and a combined USB-/eSATA-Anschluss and an ExpressCard slot.
Gigabyte wants to drive the device with the entry level version with a
4-cell battery. The customer has the choice between the colors silver,
blue and pink. Always comes as an operating system Windows 7 starters
used. The price is not fixed yet, but will move from $525 to 570.
At that price, but probably also the well-known docking station
included, although this is not yet secure.

In April and May it will be followed by Gigabyte M1000N model with
the extra Nvidia graphics processor. The base remains the same, but it
is a docking station with HDMI output and included a DVD drive. Probably
the top model will initially only in white come onto the market.
Furthermore, a 6-cell battery is installed, the extended duration
compared with the base model. The price they wanted was not set yet, but
it was $675 to 750 because we want to provide better
quality and features than many competing providers of ION "2" netbooks. Both versions have the preparations for an HSDPA module
on board. The Chinese manufacturer Huawei is one of gigabytes partners
for the corresponding modules, so anyone who gets a PCIe card from
Huawei with a third party merchants, you can easily install it by yourself. In
addition, the M1000 has all the important components corresponding
access hatches in the floor.


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