InPorter 2.0 is now available

Managing Editor Inc. (MEI), a Adobe premier development partner and
a leading provider of software solutions for the publishing industry,
today announced the release of InPorter 2.0. The latest version of
MEI’s versatile add-on module for the vjoon K4 Publishing System
includes support for reading XMP content embedded in files being
"InPorted" into the workflow.

InPorter is a server-side utility that streamlines and automates the
process of moving content into K4, the leading editorial solution
integrating Adobe(R) InDesign(R) and Adobe InCopy(R). InPorter handles
any kind of object that can be managed in the K4 system, including
InCopy articles, InDesign layouts, photos, ads, multimedia and more.

When content arrives in a watched folder, InPorter automatically
checks it into the K4 database, applying the default metadata defined
for that content type, or using custom metadata read from an XML-based
job ticket or, with Version 2.0, from embedded XMP. The content is
immediately ready to proceed through its normal K4 workflow.

XMP is an Adobe-developed labeling technology that makes it possible
to embed descriptive metadata into a file. It is designed to provide
desktop applications and back-end publishing systems with a simple,
standards-based means to share meaningful information about a file for
efficient content management.

InPorter 2.0 has been optimized for sites working with XMP, a core
component of several publishing formats such as Photoshop files, PDFs,
InDesign documents and Adobe Illustrator content. This new
compatibility also enhances automated data exchange between K4 and
XMP-capable digital asset management systems.

"Some of a file’s most important information can be found in its
XMP," said Linda Bruce, vice president of enterprise sales at MEI.
"Being able to bring that detail into K4 automatically along with the
asset provides InPorter users with an incredibly streamlined workflow
and huge time savings."

MEI representatives will be available for demos and discussion at
the 2010 Publishing Business Conference and Expo, March 8-10 in New
York. Visit Booth 305 to see InPorter 2.0 and MEI’s other
industry-leading solutions in action.

InPorter 2.0 is available now. It is compatible with K4 version 5.9 and
Adobe CS3 and CS4. For more details, contact an MEI sales
representative at 215-886-5662 or an authorized MEI distributor.
Additional information can be found on Managing Editor Inc.’s Web site.


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