Kernel for Outlook Duplicates is now out

Nucleus Data Pvt. Ltd., provider of myriad of data
recovery solutions, feels immense pride in announcing the launch of
Kernel for Outlook Duplicates – an efficient utility to detect and
remove Outlook duplicate email items. This software facilitates the
users to remove or manage the Outlook duplicate items as per
requirement in an accurate and effortless manner.

Outlook duplicates are mostly found in every PST file folder and to
deal with such email duplicates, Kernel for Outlook Duplicates is been
specifically designed and developed to remove duplicates from any
number of Outlook mailbox folders at a time. Removing duplicates is
beneficial for us as PST file size is reduced to a large extent and in
turn, Outlook and system’s speed increases.

Synchronization of Outlook with Outlook ;
reinstallation/reconfiguration of Outlook; firewalls, antivirus
software; incorrect Outlook rules; restoration of PST folder from
backups; repeat downloading of emails from POP3 servers; etc. are some
of the main reasons that create the condition of duplicates in Outlook
email client. Kernel for Outlook Duplicates proves to be an apt
solution when there is need to remove Outlook duplicates.

Kernel for Outlook Duplicates is small yet robust utility that detect
and manage duplicates within few mouse clicks. It is ‘work made easy’
software that not only looks for duplicate items but also provides you
option to act upon them as required.


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