i-Learnsmart released by WHBS

White House Business Solutions (WHBS), one of the leading learning
technology companies recently announced that i-Learnsmart will be
released soon. Now they have successfully launched i-Learnsmart
with learning resources for CBSE Grade 12, covering the difficult
topics in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. It also includes various
learning resources on IT skills and some of them are offered for free
of cost.

Through in-house development, and in partnership with various renowned
and reputed content providers, WHBS will be offering numerous quality
e-learning content covering all the topics, subjects, domains and
industries for students and professionals of different age group,
region and language. By this way, i-Learnsmart aims to be a preferred e-learning portal for anyone who is looking for learning online.

"To achieve our strategic vision, we look for content providers who
have quality content that can be offered through our portal. We believe
that i-Learnsmart will be of great help for the content providers who
want to promote their quality content without any investment in
technology and marketing" says WHBS CEO Mr. Mohamed Elyas. WHBS seems
to be tapping these content providers and offer them with a secured
high-end platform to promote, sell and deliver their content online
across the globe.

While releasing i-Learnsmart with an impressive business model that
offers quite a lot of benefits to both content providers and learners,
it also seems to have addressed the learners’ concern for quality
content. "To maintain the quality of the content offered through
i-Learnsmart, we have a stringent evaluation process to check whether
the content matches the required standards and learners needs" says
WHBS CEO Mr. Mohamed Elyas.


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