TeamViewer and Gitem resolves IT issues

Gitem, French network specialist in multimedia and appliances, calls
upon TeamViewer GmbH, international leader in online communication and
collaboration solutions, to offer quality IT support within their

Gitem distributes in France through two coop structures: Euronics
France and Copyrec. The franchisee, an independent store owner, is at
the heart of the system. This network of almost 450 stores boasts sales
of 550 million euro, empowering franchisees with notoriety, making each
store the number one point of sale in their market area. Gitem is now
the most recognized independent store reference in pictures, sound,
multimedia, appliances, in France.

The coop system offers a number of advantages for franchise owners such
as negotiated pricing, partially subsidized advertising, and logistic
support available through internal management software "Le Portail".

The group of Gitem stores under the Euronics France structure utilizes
"Le Portail" internal management software on a daily basis. As a
tremendous information resource, this software facilitates updating as
well as editing of price and product labels, inventory management and
access or order placement. This service is invaluable for Gitem
Euronics France stores.

The software "Le Portail" is a key element in sound store management,
it is therefore crucial for the software to remain operational at all
times. When a software malfunction or breakdown occurs, it must be
repaired in real time. And this assistance must be conducted remotely,
at low cost and without franchisee intervention.

TeamViewer software enables remote support in real time, allowing
supporters to take control of the host computer. Automatically
installed via FTP download on the complete network of Gitem Euronics
France computers, TeamViewer is integrated in the "Le Portail"
software. The sole responsibility of the franchisee is to advise the IT
support team and to click on the remote control icon of the software to
launch TeamViewer and initiate a connection. This way, from their desk
in Angres Pas-de-Calais, France, the Euronics IT support team is able
to pinpoint the software issue, regardless of where the host computer
is located, and solve the problem without inconveniencing the

Thanks to TeamViewer, IT problem solving is achieved at a distance;
supporters are not required to travel to solve software issues. The
software is installed quickly and easily without taking up a lot of
space on the host computers (one mega). It offers quality support at an
accessible price, with a one-time payment fee that does not require
subscription or recurring fees.

"Since June 2008, we have chosen TeamViewer thanks to their simple and
complete solution, which is offered at an attractive price. The
TeamViewer customizable interface is also a big plus. We now have three
Premium TeamViewer licenses which allow us to ensure IT maintenance and
support of all Gitem stores dependent on Euronics France," explains
Francios Delemotte, Director of Micro Network at Euronics France.a


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